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These are a few examples of my cakes and biscuits that I had enough time (and the right amount of sunshine!) to take pictures of, however my most popular cakes at the moment are:

  • Raspberry Linzer tart (with high quality raspberry preserve)
  • Sbriciolona cake (with ricotta and amaretti biscuits)
  • Nutella cake (with Nutella, Belgian chocolate ganache and hazelnuts)
  • Citrus cake (with lemon icing and candied citrus zest)
  • Berry and almond frangipane tart
  • Peach, amaretti and almond frangipane tart
  • Caramelised pear and almond cake
  • Glazed apple cake (with raisins and cinnamon)
  • Walnut and Belgian chocolate cake (gluten free)

Every cake is available in different sizes, 10 cm, 20 cm or 25 cm diameter.
The mini-cakes (10 cm) are very popular in coffee shops because it’s easier to stock them properly keeping their freshness and avoiding wastage.

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